WWF Earth Hour Adventure Challenge

Torchlight Adventure, Picnic and Live Music on the lawns of Kirstenbosch.

On the  24 March 2018 Get into the spirit of Earth Hour by reconnecting with nature under the soft glow of the moon.  Participants will get to explore the Kirstenbosch Gardens by torchlight, while navigating their way to the hidden WWF check points dotted across a 5km course.

The event is open to participants of all ages. Those wishing to take part in the orienteering-style ‘adventure dash’ will need to be equipped with headlamps and a keen sense of night-time navigation. Families are encouraged to bring blankets and a picnic basket and to enjoy the evening while the sensational voice of singer Myrthe Buijs ushers in the ‘Earth Hour’. 

After the adventure, enjoy your picnic while being entertained by the powerful voice of Myrthe Buijs in celebration of Earth Hour.

Gates/Registration opens - 18h00-19h00

Adventure Challenge starts - 19h30 - 20h30

Earth Hour with musical performance - 20h30 - 21h30

21h30 Event is finished.

Entrie open early 2018.