Mapungubwe Wildrun® 2018 Entries Opening

As one of the unique wilderness running experiences within the Wildrun® portfolio, Mapungubwe encompasses three days and three African countries in one primal running experience from 09 - 13 May 2018.

 A 92km, 3 day trail running safari through the culturally significant and wildlife rich bushveld of the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation area.

From the ancient Mapungubwe citadel in South Africa, to the rolling savannah of Botswana’s Tuli block; this journey of discovery takes you across the mighty Limpopo River to the banks of the gigantic Shashe River, through the rural villages of Maramani, past huge Baobabs and along ancient elephant trails etched into stone in Zimbabwe; this is the ultimate safari-on-the-run experience in one of Africa’s most sought-after big-game areas.

If that hasn’t got you dreaming at your desk, then here are a few more reasons to sign up for Mapungubwe 2018 when entries open on 24 August 2017.


  1. Local Investment and Job Creation

Catering to 150 people in a wilderness area is successfully achieved by the local Maramani camp and kitchen crew. The bulk of the consumables are bought in Zimbabwe in order to support local suppliers, including the Shashe Irrigation Scheme. The main beneficiaries are the Maramani Community Trust and the Beit Bridge Rural Development Council. This includes renting camping equipment, four nights’ camping fees, traversing fees and temporary employment of the 17 local Maramani camp crew.


  1. Elephant

There are safaris, and then there are RUNNING safaris. During Day 1 of Mapungubwe 2017 this sighting rendered all the runners and guides utterly speechless. A peacefully up close encounter with some of Africa’s finest.      


  1. A Gin Bar

A gin bar in the bush? Well, who could say no to THAT after a day of exploration!?


  1. Big Sky

When the grind of the city, work deadlines, office cubicles and gridlocked traffic has worn you down to a frazzled shadow of your former self, the antidote is undoubtedly Big Sky. And the Mapungubwe Transfrontier Wildrun® has enough Big Sky to see you through a few years of city stress.


  1. Friends

Whether you enter with a group of mates, or come along solo, you’ll leave with lifelong friendships firmly in place.


  1. Sunsets

The next best thing to Big Sky is an African sunset. This view, with a craft gin in hand, weary legs and a great big grin is what awaits.


Those are just a few good reasons to click here on 24 August. We’ll give you a few more via our Facebook Page as we count down.