Head Above Water

The reality is, our lives have sped up to a point where many of us feel like we are Dabchicks swimming across a stretch of water; trying desperately to maintain a calm appearance with our legs paddling frantically below. We’re bombarded by daily pressure to keep it all together with the vague idea that we’ll take a break, some day.



Well, as all wise people in the history books have ever said, there is no time like the present. Safari on the Run™: Mapungubwe is a particularly well-designed antidote to burn out. From 8-12 May 2019 this 3 day trail running safari experience takes runners through the culturally significant and wildlife rich bushveld of the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation area. Each day of running covers around 30km, taking in exceptional biodiversity, local history, elephant sightings, river crossings and rural village exploration at a pace that allows for African bird sightings of any Twitcher’s dreams.

Your footprints will fall where the great cats of the bush walked the day prior. Your qualified guides will show you ancient baobab trees, the burial ground of kings and places where African countries and their fascinating histories collide.

The Wildrun® Africa portfolio of trail running experiences was designed to take you and your hunted Dabchick tendencies in to places and spaces where time stands still for a few precious days. And, although your legs will do no less moving, they will move to the rhythm and beat of Africa as it was always meant to be; steady, unhurried and entirely governed by nature.

From the moment you’re welcomed by the local community to your camp on the banks of the mighty Limpopo River, your stress levels will begin to dissipate. Craft gin at sunset, truly sumptuous fire-cooked foods and the lullabies of surrounding African bush will sooth weary running legs at the end of each day of exploration. You’ll leave a piece of your heart in each of the three African countries that make up this unforgettable trail running break from reality, and you’ll return invigorated by the gift of life simplified, and time slowed.



For more on this dream break and an opportunity to see the world a little differently, visit www.wildrun.com where full information packs and a booking link can be found.

There is peace out there, when you know where to look.