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Modern Athlete October 2020

Our article and TNC2021 advert in the October issue of Modern Athlete: (Click here or the image below)


Brooks & Runner's World Germany

To read the Google translated version in English, click on the following link: https://www.runnersworld.de/camps-reisen/ein-alien-in-der-wueste/

PDF icon Runner's World Germany article, Oct 2019

Talk directly to 27 000 Trail Runners

Wildrunner has been pioneering the sport of trail running in South Africa since 2007, and has along the way established a trusted and direct link to a substantial community of lifestyle oriented individuals and families. This direct link has evolved...PDF icon WIldrunner Weekly 2.0 News letter

Mapungubwe in Sawubona Magazine

With only four weeks to go before I tackle a three-day trail run – the total distance of which is slightly more than the Comrades Marathon – I can’t help but wonder if taking on my first major fitness challenge in my mid 40s is a little crazy…

The Namibia Crossing - Runners World UK

Feature article on The Namibia Crossing (previously Richtersveld Transfrontier Wildrun®) that was published in the Runners World UK magazine in 2017.  The acticle was written by Tobias Mews.

PDF icon Download the full article

Athletes take a run on the wild side

Many would tremble at the thought of setting foot in the open wild of the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area and World Heritage Site and surrounds, knowing that some Big Five animals lurk there. But to trail runners who headed out into...PDF icon Download the full article

WWF Earth Hour Adventure Challenge in The Times Newspaper

On the 25th of March Wildrunner partnered with Earth Hour to host a torchlight adventure at The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  Participants explored the Gardens while navigating their way to the hidden WWF check points dotted across a 5km course....PDF icon Download the full article

Mapungubwe Transfrontier Wildrun® 2017

Three Days, Three African Countries, One Primal Running Experience

PDF icon Mapungubwe Media Release

PE Trail Series on Algoa!

Owen Middleton, MD of Wildrunner talks to Gordon Graham from Algoa FM about the PE Trail Series. Click here to listen to the interview.

Wildcoast Wildrun on the Holistica website

The Wildcoast Wildrun® featured on the Holistica website:

"Running over a hundred kilometres with the Indian Ocean on your right, across wild beaches populated only with idling Nguni cattle and the occasional herder, over grassy headlands...PDF icon Holista Article

Running Wild

Trail running involves going out into the great outdoors and running and hiking a distance, sometimes over a period of a few days. This makes it quite a different ballgame to running on a treadmill at the gym, or going for a run through your suburb. ...PDF icon Running Wild

Richtersveld Wildrun

Placing one foot in front of the other as a method of transport takes us back to our roots, our basic instincts. The simple act of running. It’s about being in the wild, surviving and fulfilling a primal need to cover ground in search of food and a...PDF icon Richtersveld Wildrun

It's Afrika Baby!

Es ist genau so, wie es hatte kommen solien. Dieser ULTRA TRAIL LAMER WINKEL hat eine richtinge Geschichte. Naturlich ist es ein Wunder, dass jetzt der Bayerische Wald sein eigenes Renen het, aber es war doch vorherzusehen, denn genau ein Jahr zuvor...PDF icon It's Afrika Baby!

Running Wild in the Richtersveld

We are in a remote corner of the Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfronteir Park that stradles 6 000km2 across the Namibia-South Africa border and encompasses one of the world's oldest, and perhaps most pristine, mountain arid regions.

PDF icon Running Wild in the Richtersveld

On Foot through the Richtersveld

Earlier this year I was tasked with documenting a four day trail running odyssey in the Richtersveld

The Wildrun took a group of runners through the desert landscapes of the Richtersveld National Park - a place with a foreboding reputation due...PDF icon On Foot through the Richtersveld

No Mere Walk in the Park

After four incredibily tough days over 150 kilometres of desert mountain terrain in June, the inaugural Richtersveld Wildrun has hailed by all as a rip-roaring success.

PDF icon No Mere Walk in the Park

Running the Beaches

It’s an impeccable day on a neverending beach in paradise. Brad and I are swearing like sailors and feeling like shipwrecks. Objectively speaking, we aren’t that close to dying, but we (or maybe it’s just me) are muttering profanities as if they’re...PDF icon Running the Beaches

It’s Only Real if You Share it

The Richtersveld Transfrontier Park is a mountainous desert – vast, desolate and merciless. During a challenging, four-day adventure, RW Features Ed Bryony McCormick discovered there’s not really much point to life’s dramatic experiences, unless you ...PDF icon It’s Only Real if You Share it

A Run to Remember

Situated in northern Namaqualand, at first glance, the huge, arid landscape of the Richtersveld seems devoid of all life. Look a little closer, however, and you’ll discover a biosphere home to a startling diversity of animals and plants, specially...PDF icon A Run to Remember

Wildcoast Wildrun Stripping through pretences, one km at a time

The Wildcoast Wildrun is not an event wrapped in prestige, fame or fortune. There are no spectators, exclusive interviews or prizes.

PDF icon Wildcoast Wildrun Stripping through pretences, one km at a time

Wilder Lesotho Wildrun

For trail runners wanting a taste of travel and challenge, this event is perfect - it's a three-day, 120km mountain running journeythrough the magnificent Katana Ha Mothibi and Thaba Putsoa ranges in the remote mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

PDF icon Wilder Lesotho Wildrun

Pure And Unimaginable

This year’s Lesotho Wildrun took place from 18 to 20 April 2013, and started near the mountain-frontier village of Malealea. Entries for this unique experience were limited to 50 runners, to allow runners to experience long stretches of serene ...PDF icon Pure And Unimaginable

King Of the Mountains

The Lesotho Wildrun is an incredible 112km stage race through the pristine, undulating landscapes of a remote mountain kingdom that lies right in our very own backyard. The three-day wilderness journey takes runners through the magnificent and truly...PDF icon King Of the Mountains

Where the Wild Things Are

It was impossible to conceal my emotions as I crested the final headland and got a full view of the Transkei’s iconic Hole In The Wall. The finish line was in plain sight across the wide river mouth, and I stopped to catch my breath and fully absorb...PDF icon Where the Wild Things Are