Cape Town

Meat-Free Trail Running

Over the next few weeks, we’ll feature the fuelling habits of a few South African trail runners who were brave enough to share their meal plans, food thoughts and long run snack ideas with us. Nutrition is a somewhat controversial, but fundamental part of any exercise regime, and we all do it differently. This week, one of the #NoMeatAthletes let us in to her kitchen.

Twins’ Trail Tussle

Next up in our “families that play together” series, some insight in to the trail tussles of the Herring twins, and how they roped mom in to their much-loved trail scene. This is sibling rivalry in its most robust form. We’ve no doubt that Dale will comment on this piece and give us the other side of the story, but here is Kyle’s side, for now!


Names: Kyle and Dale Herring (23) and Elmare Herring (48)