Heat Running

Summer is coming in HOT which means a change in how we approach our training and racing. Physical activity in hotter temperatures loads the strain on your body and cardiovascular system. As your body temperature rises, your body reacts with increased sweat production, your heart rate increases and your blood vessels dilate.

Learn to manage the heat and you’ll find yourself able to go longer, faster, stronger over the trails during the hotter months.

A Mountaineer’s View

There has been a lot of chat about compulsory kit lately. In our quest as trail runners to be as light and fast as we can possibly be, it is always worth remembering that the mountains and unpredictable weather have the final say.

The 2018 Bos Sport Mountain Challenge Series, amplified by Jaybird

Hosted by Wildrunner, the series is the only one of its kind in South Africa. A tough, pure mountain running series made up of three separate races; the Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge, (JMC), the Helderberg Mountain Challenge (HMC) and the Marloth Mountain Challenge (MMC). Each event consists of a Lite, Extreme and Ultra distance race. To complete the series, participants must compete in the same distance category at each race.

Leave the Couch

Every year the Banff Film Festival does a world tour with the world’s best mountain films. These inspiring films vary in length and display a variety or sports but are all centered around mountains. This year a film by local Cape Town filmmakers was featured in the Cape Town Banff festival. The film is called Mowbray to Mowbray ridge and tells an inspiring story of a young man who leaves the couch to start trail running.

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