Choosing a Training Partner

Running solo certainly has its perks. Your pace, your route, zero distractions and no one to moan if you get a little lost. But for the long haul, adventures are generally best shared. The transition from free solo to committed trail duo is not something that should be undertaken without careful consideration, and a checklist of key training partner characteristics to bear in mind.

Running in Remarkable Rwanda

Our rhythm is good, we are all enjoying the pace, leaping over volcanic rocks in the path, clambering up and down steep, mica-speckled slopes and teetering over wooden bridges that crisscross the canals in the lush tapestry of tea plantations.

Regain your running mojo

Fallen off the training scene? Can’t remember when last you entered a race? New Year’s resolutions slipping out of your hands as you hit snooze, again?

You aren’t alone. Let’s look at some basic ways to regain that running mojo and make 2019 your time to shine.

Why the Wild Coast?

Ever wondered what running in paradise would feel like? 2019 is your wild year, and the Wildrun® Africa portfolio is your answer. Kei Mouth to Hole-in-the-Wall, The Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa is paradise unparalleled.

Running Mistakes

Ah, we live and learn and on our journey to the ultimate race high or the lifestyle PB, we are bound to make some valuable mistakes along the way. Some errors, however, are best avoided. Learn from those who have gone there before you.


Cape Summer Trail Series 2019

It’s here! And if you haven’t thrown your hat in the ring yet, here are some really good reasons to get on it.

Your Wild Year

Yes, it’s time. Time to declutter, unfollow, let go and simplify. Time to discard that which does not serve you, and be true to the calling of your heart. Time for the New Year’s resolutions to be less about counting calories or kg and more about counting blessings and opportunities for growth.

Running on a Budget

Hello January, and a generally strained economy. Plenty of us are looking at the nice-to-haves in our lives and trimming things down a little. But running is a necessity, right? It is where so many of us
find our life balance, make new friends and feel continued joy.

So, how to keep our favourite sport alive and well in 2019, without melting the credit card?

Festive Season Fitness

Holiday season is definitely time for less structured training. Exploration should be your driving force for getting out on the trails, and hill repeats are best postponed until mid-January. But it’s also not ideal to throw all the hard work out with the left over glazed ham.

Here are our tips to keep it tidy during silly season.

1. Something rather than Nothing

Beach Running Tips

Wildcoast WildrunTime for sandy feet and salty running kit! Nothing quite like a beach run with the sun rising over the sea, nothing but a few oyster catchers calling to each other, and a lazy gull or two circling above. But there are some risks attached to a quick shift to sand if your feet are more accustomed to the firmer of terra firma options.