Gifts for Trail Runners And a bit of 2019 calendar planning…

Gifts for Trail Runners

And a bit of 2019 calendar planning…

Who to watch at UTCT 2018

With last year’s first and second placed men back to claim the top spot for 2018, and a very strong field of international elite athletes travelling to South Africa for 1 December, the Ultra-trail Cape Town (UTCT) Men’s race will be an exciting one. The Women’s race also looks to be closely contested, with Italian Francesca Canepa and Kelly Wolf from the United States (US) currently on the same top points in the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) ranking, which means that UTCT will decide the 2018 World Tour Women’s champion.

Lion’s Head Closing

One of the grandest ladies of the Cape needs some time out, and we could not agree more. Anyone who has enjoyed the trails of the Lion in recent years will have noticed some alarming erosion of the popular paths, and no end to the number of visitors and locals running, hiking and yoga posing their way up and down the Lion. Graffiti and litter are also in no short supply.

Heat Running

Summer is coming in HOT which means a change in how we approach our training and racing. Physical activity in hotter temperatures loads the strain on your body and cardiovascular system. As your body temperature rises, your body reacts with increased sweat production, your heart rate increases and your blood vessels dilate.

Learn to manage the heat and you’ll find yourself able to go longer, faster, stronger over the trails during the hotter months.

Safety First

Every outdoor activity carries inherent risk. As a running community, we are certainly not unaware of the dangers presented by technical terrain, rapid weather changes, unclear paths or exposed climbs. Sadly, a rolled ankle, hidden puffadder or heat stroke are not our primary dangers any more. The threat of personal attack is on the rise, and the buzz on every trail group or forum is centred on safety precautions and solutions.

Head Above Water

The reality is, our lives have sped up to a point where many of us feel like we are Dabchicks swimming across a stretch of water; trying desperately to maintain a calm appearance with our legs paddling frantically below. We’re bombarded by daily pressure to keep it all together with the vague idea that we’ll take a break, some day.



Trail Running the Golden Years

Age is nothing, attitude is everything. We had the fortunate opportunity to gain some insight into trail running at 70 years plus, through the experiences of one Flip van Schalkwyk. Flip is a local on the trails of the Tygerberg, in the Majik Forest area of the Cape.

Running after dark

It’s not just a winter thing, running at sunset is the perfect way to end a steamy summer’s day. The temperatures drop, the air stills and you can tune in to the trails in a completely different way. But running after dark has some risk elements attached, and some skills best honed before you grab a headlamp and hit the trail head. With our first Gauteng sunset run coming up on 7 November, now is the time to get in to firefly mode!

Chafe Hacks

You are a runner, so you know chafe… If you’ve run anything more than 5km with badly fitted shorts. If you’ve ever worn a sports bra. If you have thighs that even vaguely meet in the middle. If you have run a marathon. If you have run an ultra. If you have run through sand. If you have done a salty water crossing. If you ran in the wrong undies. If you have not tightened the straps of your hydration pack correctly.

Peace Trail 2018

As a prelude to the IAAF Gold Standard Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, the annual 22km and 12km Peace Trail events take place on the Saturday prior to the 42.2 extravaganza. Managed by Wildrunner, the Peace Trail is a celebration of the beautiful routes that lie in close proximity to Cape Town’s inner city, and the 2018 edition was a successful show down of grand proportions.

After a slight delay on the start line due to an unexpected change in health and safety requirements further along the route, the stellar 22km field of more than 400 runners took to the trails at impressive pace.