South Africa

Who to watch at UTCT 2018

With last year’s first and second placed men back to claim the top spot for 2018, and a very strong field of international elite athletes travelling to South Africa for 1 December, the Ultra-trail Cape Town (UTCT) Men’s race will be an exciting one. The Women’s race also looks to be closely contested, with Italian Francesca Canepa and Kelly Wolf from the United States (US) currently on the same top points in the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) ranking, which means that UTCT will decide the 2018 World Tour Women’s champion.

Run the Wildcoast

As runners, we often talk about the freedom that running brings to our lives. We live for wide open spaces, big skies and those moments where nothing but birdsong filters through the air on a gentle breeze. We plan our adventures around sunrises, sunsets and the simplicity of placing one foot in front of the other for as many minutes or hours as our busy lives allow. There is very little as satisfying as looking down from a mountain peak at bumper to bumper traffic and thinking, I made a good choice here.

Heat Running

Summer is coming in HOT which means a change in how we approach our training and racing. Physical activity in hotter temperatures loads the strain on your body and cardiovascular system. As your body temperature rises, your body reacts with increased sweat production, your heart rate increases and your blood vessels dilate.

Learn to manage the heat and you’ll find yourself able to go longer, faster, stronger over the trails during the hotter months.

Safety First

Every outdoor activity carries inherent risk. As a running community, we are certainly not unaware of the dangers presented by technical terrain, rapid weather changes, unclear paths or exposed climbs. Sadly, a rolled ankle, hidden puffadder or heat stroke are not our primary dangers any more. The threat of personal attack is on the rise, and the buzz on every trail group or forum is centred on safety precautions and solutions.

Trail Running the Golden Years

Age is nothing, attitude is everything. We had the fortunate opportunity to gain some insight into trail running at 70 years plus, through the experiences of one Flip van Schalkwyk. Flip is a local on the trails of the Tygerberg, in the Majik Forest area of the Cape.

The Namibia Crossing

5 days, 200km, two African countries, one ancient mountainous wilderness. Welcome to the Namibia Crossing 2019; this is a Wildrun® Africa experience that will test you, and take you to places so far removed from the daily grind that you might never wish to return. Designed to evoke a sense of introspection and exploration, this foot race showcases truly diverse geology, ecology and environment.

Safe Drinking Water

As summer returns slowly to our lives with all the beauty and delight of a long-lost lover, our thoughts move to hydration on the trails. Well also late, muggy evenings beneath the stars, beach runs and holidays… but hydration on the trails is up there with our summer dreaming! Carrying sufficient drinking water from the beginning of your run is critical, but what happens when you run dry? We interviewed some environmental experts to find out more on what to avoid, and when it’s safe to drink your fill.

Wildcoast Wildrun® Records Smashed

It isn’t marketed as a race. As part of the Wildrun® Africa portfolio, it is a three-day boutique running holiday along South Africa’s Wild Coast; a slice of unfenced coastal paradise that traverses the rural homeland of the isiXhosa people and takes runners on the journey of a lifetime.

Wildcoast Wildrun® 2018 What Will We See?

With just one month to go, many first-time Wildcoast Wildrunners will be wondering what exactly lies ahead during their three-day boutique running holiday along South Africa’s Wild Coast.

The Rise, and Rise of the Ultra

We’re no slouches when it comes to distance running in South Africa. The Comrades legacy is as deeply ingrained in our country’s tapestry as braaivleis. But it’s without a doubt that, both locally and globally, the rise of the ultra-marathon has changed the game. A marathon goal used to be a perfectly acceptable dinner party brag. Now we’re talking 100-milers like they’re a second helping of milktert. Have we lost our collective minds?