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Meat-Free Trail Running

Over the next few weeks, we’ll feature the fuelling habits of a few South African trail runners who were brave enough to share their meal plans, food thoughts and long run snack ideas with us. Nutrition is a somewhat controversial, but fundamental part of any exercise regime, and we all do it differently. This week, one of the #NoMeatAthletes let us in to her kitchen.

Twins’ Trail Tussle

Next up in our “families that play together” series, some insight in to the trail tussles of the Herring twins, and how they roped mom in to their much-loved trail scene. This is sibling rivalry in its most robust form. We’ve no doubt that Dale will comment on this piece and give us the other side of the story, but here is Kyle’s side, for now!


Names: Kyle and Dale Herring (23) and Elmare Herring (48)

The 2018 Bos Sport Mountain Challenge Series

Prepare, Plan, Push Yourself

Entries for the 2018 edition of the Bos Sport Mountain Challenge Series are open. We caught up with (not really, they are too fast!) AJ Calitz and Carla van Huyssteen for some valuable advice as you all prepare to #GoAboveAndBeyond.

Do you remember your first MCS?

Trail Plants

Our green friends make up a huge element of why and where we run trail. Their beauty and seasonal changes contribute to trail running in many conscious and subconscious experiences. But they are both friend and foe to trail runners. Some heal, some harm, and some might even save your life. From the Blister Bush of Table Mountain, to the Aloes of the Eastern Cape, there is no shortage of interesting plant life on South African trails.

Blister Bush

Teens on the Trails

Teens on the Trails

Next up in our series of stories featuring families who take to the trails together, a mom and teens combo.

Allison Lamb is a single mom who encourages her teen daughters in to the great outdoors as often as possible. She introduced her youngest, Kara (then 13 now 15) to trail running during the Merrel Night Runs. Kara was hooked, and progressed to the St. Lukes Superheroes race, and the Wildrunner Trail Series® events where she has achieved frequent podium positions.


The Jonkershoek Valley is without a doubt one of the most beautiful mountain scenes in the Western Cape, and a popular trail running destination. Massive turrets and cliffs of orange-faced quartzite hold fortress over a collection of rambling mountain streams and waterfalls.

Tackling Trails as a new parents

“You’ve decided to pursue the ultimate challenge, harder than any ultra or any FKT: you’re bringing a tiny trail runner into the world.” - Megan Janssen.

Work, Eat, Sleep repeat. This is a normal routine for people across the world. A select few try to add a fourth item to the list. Work, eat, train, sleep (sometimes), repeat. This is a tough routine to stick to but is very rewarding. Suddenly you find you have an extra bundle of joy in the house and training goes out the window. Thus you decide to take on the ultimate challenge.

Trail mix for Trail Runners

Snacking while running is not only delicious but is also fuel for your body and aids recovery. Liz Applegate, Ph.D. has some ideas of snacks that are healthy and help satisfy post-run cravings! These 6 snacks can be eaten individually or combined into a trail mix.

Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas)

Pumpkin seeds are a source of copper, zinc, iron and plenty magnesium. Magnesium is needed to work with the carbs stored in your muscles, without it your muscles can become weak.

Sunflower Seeds

Mastering Downhill for good

Heading out into the mountains for a day of technical trails is a recipe for never ending enjoyment but if you hit a downhill unprepared a small slip can lead to a twisted ankle or worse. Lisa Jhung has 4 helpful pieces of advice to help you get comfortable on the downhills.

Most people have tried to ‘choose your line’ (take the path of least resistance). Others have tried looking where they want to run rather than where they don’t. Others still have tried the masterful wide arm swing for extra balance. This is what Lisa Jhung recommends.

Cups be gone!

Following the global trail running initiative started in 2011 in the USA, and continuing the trend of trail running organizers undeniable responsibility to tune into as many ways of being environmentally friendly as possible, all Wildrunner Events from the 1st February 2017 will be “cup-less” events.