Western Cape

To Lion, or Not to Lion?

Regular mountain users were encouraged and relieved to receive the news that the iconic Lion’s Head would be closed to all for much needed maintenance between 7 January and 15 February this year. Everyone had to find new places to get their ultimate sunrise yoga Insta images while a professional crew took care of trail erosion, metal work and other pressing issues on and around our popular old lady.

Running Mistakes

Ah, we live and learn and on our journey to the ultimate race high or the lifestyle PB, we are bound to make some valuable mistakes along the way. Some errors, however, are best avoided. Learn from those who have gone there before you.


CSTS 2019 Hotting Up

Race 1 and 2 are done and suitably dusted, with potential series champs lined up and ready to race for final victory. A sunset run at Meerendal, and a classic Oak Valley throw down are still to come, and the vibe couldn’t be hotter.

Who to watch at UTCT 2018

With last year’s first and second placed men back to claim the top spot for 2018, and a very strong field of international elite athletes travelling to South Africa for 1 December, the Ultra-trail Cape Town (UTCT) Men’s race will be an exciting one. The Women’s race also looks to be closely contested, with Italian Francesca Canepa and Kelly Wolf from the United States (US) currently on the same top points in the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) ranking, which means that UTCT will decide the 2018 World Tour Women’s champion.

Lion’s Head Closing

One of the grandest ladies of the Cape needs some time out, and we could not agree more. Anyone who has enjoyed the trails of the Lion in recent years will have noticed some alarming erosion of the popular paths, and no end to the number of visitors and locals running, hiking and yoga posing their way up and down the Lion. Graffiti and litter are also in no short supply.

What is a Whole Food Lifestyle?

Put simply, a whole food eating plan or lifestyle rejects processed food and encourages the consumption of foods that are as close to their natural form as possible.

Whole grains replace refined grains whenever possible, and fruits, vegetables and beans replace supplements when it comes to getting sufficient fibre and vitamins.