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TNC 2021 opens

We have all been frustrated trying to tell friends & loved ones about a running experience we have had; be it that crisp morning sunrise run on your favorite trail, or a particular race or event experience you have invested in. 

The Namibia Crossing is one such experience, it's sure to leave you scratching for words.  Luckily we have this short video to help get you amped.

Entries for this incredible journey will open at the end of this month (May 2020), just over a year ahead of this 200km, 5 day race through the oldest mountain desert in the world from South Africa to Namibia.

For full details and to download the PDF brochure, go to www.wildrun.com

We leave you with this quote from John Bernstein who ran the TNC in 2019:

"Now that I’ve had a weekend to relflect I just wanted to thank you, Owen and the whole team (cleaners, tent setter-uppers, donkey-boiler heaters, drivers, checkpoint teams, National Park staff, cooks, rubbish collectors etc etc) - so much work by so many people to allow a privileged few of us to experience a really wild place."