Winter Running Tips

The hardest part about running in winter is getting out the front door. Once you’ve conquered that hurdle, the rest is easy(ish). Here are our top 5 tips on how to turn the chilly months in to your favourite running months.

1.The Buddy System

Motivation is everything, as is accountability. Arrange to meet a group or a like-minded friend and you’ll be less likely to flick snooze and hide below the duvet. Tell yourself that you just need to be out there for 5 minutes, you can always turn back. Most times, we keep going.

From Road to Trail


When, where, and how to get there!

Road running in South Africa remains one of our favourite sports, for many reasons. It is relatively affordable, accessible and the legacy of races such as the Comrades marathon creates a road running culture that is built on history, pride and some iconic running names. If you are a runner in this country, you will be asked if you have a Comrades medal – this cliché is quite unavoidable!

Training for Experiences, Not Events

By David Roche

The Wildrun® Africa portfolio of events was built on the understanding that running can be experienced in mind, body and soul, and that the outcome of a race or the kudos of a STRAVA upload will fade; but life-changing moments of joy will not.

“We all have those moments. Careening down a twisty singletrack trail, simultaneously in your body and outside of it, euphorically buzzed with a trail high that’s probably only legal for recreational use in eight states and the District of Columbia.


The 2018 Edition…

Reduce muscles soreness after a race

Training can really take it out of you, it’s tiring and can be painful. For every action there is a reaction and when you train hard your body will respond with soreness and fatigue. Sometimes after a run you may feel great all day, only the next day is your body too sore to think about getting out of bed. This is probably Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Perform Pain Reliever has some helpful tips to reduce DOMS and keep you in your routine.  

Listen to Your Body

Planning your racing season

2016 might have been about getting into running or it may have been about hitting a new PB but 2017 is time to take on a race or two and test your skills against other runners. Planning your racing calendar early is important for a number of reasons, not only do races fill up rather quickly nowadays but you also need to make sure you space them reasonably so you don’t take on more than you can handle.

Jason Fitzgerald has put together 5 reminders to help create a well-planned racing calendar and help you achieve your goals.

1. Prioritize

Strengthen your calves and ankles today

How to strengthen your lower legs

Runners require strong ankles and calves to stabilize themselves when running. Nicole Clancy has 5 exercises to help strengthen them. 

Make treadmill training more interesting

David Roche from Trail Runner Magazine knows how difficult to pound away on the treadmill and has found a way to combat this. Try out these training techniques to break up the monotony of treadmill running. These are only 6 of his 9 recommended techniques, to read the full article click here.


Aerobic Workouts:

Legs Slowing you down?

Slowing down not because you’re out of breath but because your legs can’t go anymore? There are a number of reasons why your legs can’t keep up with your cardio. As your hit 40 this increasing becomes a problem and can easily be addressed. Jenny Hadfield has some points to try alleviate the tired legs and get you back on the run hitting new PBs.

1 Run less often and with higher quality

Jenny recommends only running 3-4 times a week but having a higher quality run. Split your days between speed workouts, tempo runs, long runs and easy runs.

Get Better at Uphill Running

 “Trail running with an aversion to climbing is like surfing with a fear of being underwater. Yeah, you might be able to avoid it for a bit, but eventually you’ll find yourself in way over your head, deeply questioning your life decisions.” says David Roche from Trail Runner Mag. Here are 4 of his tips on how to improve your uphill running.

1. Be STRONG from the waist down.

“Fighting gravity is all about power-to-weight ratio” says Roche. There are 3 ways to build your power.