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When to quit

We’re not designed to quit, us trail runners. If you’ve trained for an ultra then you’ve faced some serious demons on your journey. Runs that begin in the dark, and end many hours later. You’ve sacrificed social engagements for early nights, and you’ve worked hard on the mental preparation. You know that your body will want to quit long before your heart is ready, and that your mind will carry you through dark patches. You’ve planned your gear, your nutrition, and your post-race celebration; you’re not starting this thing just to give up.

A Mountaineer’s View

There has been a lot of chat about compulsory kit lately. In our quest as trail runners to be as light and fast as we can possibly be, it is always worth remembering that the mountains and unpredictable weather have the final say.

Following UTMB 2018

It’s here. Monday 27 August to Sunday 2 September 2018. One of the biggest weeks on the global trail running calendar. With solid South African representation and a gathering of some of the world greats, UTMB 2018 will be another unbelievable celebration of European-style mountain racing and a story that will distract you from a bit of work over the next few days! The event is made up of several races, and piecing it all together can be confusing. Here’s our guide on how to follow, who to follow, and when.

Wildcoast Wildrun® 2018 What Will We See?

With just one month to go, many first-time Wildcoast Wildrunners will be wondering what exactly lies ahead during their three-day boutique running holiday along South Africa’s Wild Coast.

Naked Running Could you do it?

Are we too consumed by the numbers, and over analysis of each split and every bit of vert gained? In a running era where it didn’t happen if it’s not on Strava, what are the possible benefits of ditching the GPS watch, aka “running naked?” More and more coaches are encouraging runners to relearn how to run by feel or by intuitive pacing. This strategy accounts for a more natural adaptation to external factors such as heat, humidity, climbs and changing terrain. That is one side of the naked running scenario; the science driven by a desire to perform.

Mapungubwe 2018 Part 3 of our 3-part Series

The truth about Banana Nightfighters…

Day 3 – 28km

Trail Running Remarkable Rwanda

Wildrun® Africa is a portfolio of bespoke running experiences hosted by Wildrunner. The heartbeat of the Wildrun® is exploring and experiencing truly wild places on the run. Be it on the Wild Coast of South Africa, the remote mountains of Lesotho, the geologically and botanically rich Richtersveld desert or the bushveld of Mapungubwe, each Wildrun® is unique, and each a potentially life-changing experience. No markers.  No massive crowds. Just you, your sense of adventure and a truly wild place.

You’ve heard the rumblings. In 2019, we add Rwanda.

Farmers who Run Trail

The word “farmer” conjures up some stereotypical images, but a farming community is as diverse as any other – just harder working than most! Over the past while we’ve met a few farmers for whom trail running is a natural extension of their love of the outdoors and their respect for the delicate balance of living things.

Neil Quayle (39) of Spinlea Farm in the Overberg          

Meet our Coach

Introducing one of our new panel of experts, professional coach Ian Waddell. As Wildrunner Weekly evolves over the next few weeks (watch this space!) we’ll be introducing a panel of experts who will contribute regularly, sharing their expertise in the field of local trail running, nutrition, environmental issues, wilderness survival, medical topics, the hottest gear, and international running news.

Who is Ian Waddell?

Trail Shoe Trends

The endless debate on trail running forums the world over… Which shoe, is for you? It is not as simple as matching the colours with your favourite kit. Whether you are new to trail, or a seasoned pro, this is an industry that updates and innovates regularly. Stay ahead of the trends and avoid the pitfalls with some insight from a few of the experts in South Africa.

Getting Started