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Feels Like Adventure

Thinking about trying trail running? 

Watch this inspirational video about why to leave the treadmill behind and connect with the world. 


Click here to watch the video. 

8 Safety tips while Night Running

Whether you enjoy the cooler temperatures or can’t get away from work early enough, night runs are a reality for many people. While you should always be careful while running there are a few things you need to be extra careful about at night. Here are a few rules from Emily Polachek to make it the best run it can be!

1. Be aware.


Who doesn’t love to have fun?! Here’s just a bit of Friday fun by Ryan Dunfee on the three (and a half) types of fun :)

Time for Trail Shoes

When you’re going to run on trails more than twice a month it’s time to invest in some Trail Running shoes, but which ones are best for you? Linzay Logan has gathered some advice from top trail runners.

Trail running shoes are much like road running shoes as they are made to protect your feet, trail runs however are muddy, rocky and uneven terrain and this is where trail runs set themselves apart.

10 Great Reasons to Include Your Kids on Your Next Trail Run

Think they’re too young to understand the importance of lessons learned while trail running? Bring the kids to your next trail event and see what happens to all of you!

Lack of time in not an excuse

5 time-management lessons for runners
“If something matters enough to you, you can usually find time for it.”

For those new to Trail

Trails are tough but that’s why we love them. There are plenty reasons why trail running will benefit a road runner – improved strength, balance and stamina but arguably the best reason is that they require your full attention all the time. Jenny Hadfield from Runners World has 3 top tips on how to have a great run on the trails while not pushing past the breaking point.

1. What happened to 4 minutes a km?

How to be the very best second to your ultra-running buddy/partner

By Karoline Hanks

#AboutTrail Episode 10: Weather and Environment

Pro Tips to Survive in Extreme Weather Conditions

Get to the top faster!

You are either climbing lover or a climbing hater and if you’re the latter, you’re going to have to learn to love it, because climbing and mountains are fundamental parts of trail running. Wildrunner has you covered though, and will have you peaking those mountains faster, stronger and with your sense of humour still intact. By Bryony McCormick.